Rebel Jack Brewing Co

COVID-19 Update
It is with much sorrow that we are closing our brewery. After much consideration, we have decided to stop production and distribution of our craft beer. We have surrendered our state and federal licenses. Should the current situation with COVID-19 improve, we will consider reopening at a new location. We want to thank everyone for their support and patronage over the years. Thank you! -Charles

About Us
We are proudly an independent small batch brewing company specializing in real ale. A family owned and operated two barrel brew house and no corporate restrictions; we make what we want and what you love! We hand craft every batch. We use the highest quality ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. We think there is a difference and we hope you’ll agree.

Unfortunately, our brew house has no taproom and is not open to the public. But, you can find our beers in many of your favorite restaurants and taprooms around the Ann Arbor area. If they don’t carry our beers, ask them to contact us. We self distribute and we’d love the opportunity to talk with them.

Brewing Up Excellence
Are you a restaurant or taproom and have an interest in a collaboration brew? Let’s talk! Since we have an ultra small brew house, a one-off brew is no problem. We are always interested in learning new things, new techniques and making new beers and new friendships. We love brewing up excellence.

The Brewer
A husband and father, a 6 year active duty veteran of the US Navy from the 80′s, a graduate of New Mexico Tech with a BS in Physics, an engineer for over 20 years and a resident of Dexter since 2006.

Our Name?
Our name . . . all of us are rebellious at one time or another.
It’s the rebels that inspire the human spirit.
It’s the rebels that motivate change!

Rebel Jack is attitude . . .
-it’s being old enough to have watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, or living long enough to remember times before personal computers,
-it’s the incredible feeling of joy holding your children just hours after they are born,
-it’s the tremendous pain of loss when your parents pass away,
-it’s grabbing life by the horns and bulldogging it to the ground,
-it’s seeking out good friends, good food and good drink, because life is too short for bullshit!