Draft List

Please find below our current draft list. If you are a licensed retailer and you’d like to receive our draft list availability, please send us your email address (from our contact page) and we will add you to our distribution email list.

Aye Aye Rye – Collaboration brew with The Session Room (Ann Arbor) – An American Rye Ale brewed with Michigan malts and Michigan hops (Chinook and Cascade), easy drinking with mild malt flavor, mild hop bitterness and spicy notes from the Rye malt. [5.9% ABV, 40 IBU]

Topside Stout – A dry stout brewed with Michigan malts and Michigan bittering hops, keg conditioned and aged for at least 6 months, deep malt flavor with rich tan colored head, easier drinking than a desert stout but retains the critical characteristics. [8.1% ABV, 50 IBU]

Mary Celeste – A Norwegian farmhouse ale brewed with local malts, local hops and whole juniper branches. Fermented with a Norwegian polyculture kveik yeast, a very clean and beautifully complex ale. [5.4% ABV, 45 IBU]

Rats Tail – A collaboration brew with a long time friend and brewer M. Hagen, a smooth clean pale ale brewed with New Zealand specialty hops, strong citrus on the nose and a velvety bitterness. A tribute to the Coaster Saloon of Pacific Beach!

Fillmore Flagship APA-83 – An exclusive brew for The Fillmore Bar & Grill in Dexter, a juicy American Pale Ale fermented with a polyculture kviek yeast and dry hopped with a boat load of citrus forward hops, a very clean and juicy APA. Brewed exclusively for The Fillmore Bar & Grill in Dexter.